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Thank you Founders for Sharing our Vision!

Mili* & Barbara* Acquistapace
Robert E.* & Wanda F. Acquistapace
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Adam
Fran Aughtman*
Dan* & Peggy Blough
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bogue
John & Brandy Branquinho
James M.* & Catherine A.* Buchert
Birtice E. Card*
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Cossa
Dr.* & Mrs. Ross Cutler
Ron & Marcia Edwards
John & Barbara Eggert
Phil F. Fee, D.D.S.
A. Milo & Georganne Ferini
Lon E. & Ruth L.* Fletcher
Jon S. & Angela Freitas

Parnell & Sandra Fuhrer
Joe & Chris Gallas
James D. & Kathryn A. Glines
Joni Gray* & George Wittenburg
Milt & Angela Guggia
Kathy & Dale Hampton
Bill* & Pat* Hares
Charles R.* & Carol S. Hebard
Wayne* & Wilma* Hesselbarth
Mr. & Mrs.* Jeffrey E. Hoffman
Russ & Susie Johnson
Sandra L. Knotts*
Donald E.* & Doris T.* Lahr
Eloise L. Lanini*
Keith V.* & Polly M.* Lapp
Larry & Donna Lavagnino
Michael Lemos

Royce R.* & Maggie Lewellen
Jerry* & Delores Luis
Rick Machado
Clarence* & Rosalie* Minetti
Michael W. Moats, M.D.
William F. & Judy A.* Moffatt
Patrick & Pamela Murray
Jim & Elaine Pollard
Ernest E. Righetti, II*
Norman & Evelyn Teixeira
R. H.* & Myrtle* Tesene
Robert* & Marlene* Torres
Ken & Patti Van Corbach
Berto & Betty van Veen
Robin & Stephanie Ventura
Steve & Marie Will

We are grateful to the individuals listed above who believed in our vision and provided the seed money for the bank to organize. These Founders derived no benefit from their investment. With the exception of Jim Glines and Bill Hares, none of them worked for the bank, and although their investment was repaid when the bank opened, regulations prohibited them from collecting interest on their investment. These community minded people simply supported our mission to provide a true community bank to the Santa Maria Valley. Today they remain valued community advisors, and we are grateful for their ongoing support.


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