Bank History

Santa Maria has a long history of local banking, and that tradition continued with the opening of the Community Bank of Santa Maria on March 1, 2001. With banks growing larger in the 1990's, James D. Glines (Jim), a fifth generation Santa Marian and former Executive Vice President of Bank of Santa Maria, became concerned that the unique needs of Santa Maria residents and business were being overlooked by the growing multi-regional banks. Jim approached William A. Hares (Bill), former President of the Bank of Santa Maria, with the idea of forming a new bank, one whose sole purpose was to provide personal banking and local decision making to the people of Santa Maria.

Together they invited local residents to become board members. They selected people who are leaders, individuals with integrity, character and a diversity of backgrounds. Local interest, understanding and concern for the community were essential. All have built their careers, businesses and families right here in the communities we serve. With the board in place, Jim and Bill recruited Janet Silveria to assist with the organization of the bank.

The bank opened its doors on March 1, 2001 with Bill Hares as Chairman of the Board, Jim Glines as President and CEO and a member of the bank’s Board of Directors, and Janet Silveria as Chief Financial Officer. In August, 2012, Janet was appointed President and a member of the bank’s Board of Directors. On January 1, 2015, Bill retired as Chairman of the Board, but continues to actively serve on the Board as Chairman Emeritus and Chairman of the Executive Committee; Jim retired as CEO, and was promoted to Chairman of the Board; and, Janet was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in addition to serving as President and a member of the Board. All three remain Executive Officers of the bank.

The bank was capitalized at $5.4 million in 2001; Capital today is over $20 million, and Total Assets exceed $200 million. The bank opened its new headquarters at 2739 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria, on September 1, 2015.  There is an additional branch in Santa Maria located on South Broadway.

Community Bank of Santa Maria attributes their success to the folks in the communities they serve. Our customers embrace our philosophy of “‘Santa Maria Style’ Banking”® and welcome the opportunity to do business with decision makers that know them, know their business, and know their community.